I was born in 1990 in Skopje, where I live my whole life. I like Skopje; with its ups and downs, nature and cityscape, spring and winter. It’s a different from other cities what I saw and lived. Might be small but big enough for people to get alienated from each other, yet find themselves enjoying rakija in kafanas. I like Skopje.

Drawing t-shirts with the band’s names and creating DIY album covers for bands were my first encounters with creativity in design. It lit up the fire in me and I just had to continue with creating and practicing in drawing.

As a binder of the artistic and crafting skills, graphic (printing) art is my main artistic expression. Handmade cards, book covers, print works and textile printing must have some good planning and team-working. In team-work is the victory and the results in printing are better than trying to print it alone. So, you better check the print section and you can get some ideas what I do talk about.

I am glad that you found out about me and I hope you like some of my works (if you like them all you are creep).

If you would like to get in touch, please, don’t forget to go to contact section and check my website: all you need is there. Or you can check my social media profiles, which you can find them below.